About Us

We are a family run business, based in Perth.  We started two years ago with just husband and wife doing a few parties and now due to popularity, we also have a small team of passionate, dedicated animals lovers sharing the same values. shelley goat

We can think of no better way to spend our days than teaching children and people of all ages the love and happiness that animals can bring.

We love to see everyones excitement as we arrive and bring the animals into the enclosure.  Watching the amazement on the face of a four year old as he feeds a bottle to our lambs and kids,  the giggles as the older sheep rush to feed from a cup, the contentment of having a cute rabbit sat quietly on your lap.  Even watching the little girl who didn’t want to come in at first, eventually making it into the enclosure and being so brave as to touch a big Sheep!!

Our Promise to Younikita

As a family run business, we know how special children’s birthdays are and PROMISE to be there.  We don’t “double book”.  You won’t get that dreaded call from us “Sorry we can’t make it….”  We have never let a customer down.

Our small animals go to one party or event per day – we PROMISE we will be there with alert and clean animals.

“I would like to say thank you to Joe and Jill for making my little girl’s birthday a very special one, she loved it and so did everyone else. Awesome job Joe and Jill did, very friendly and a great setup, I will be recommending Barnyard Buddies to everyone!!!  Alison